Kill that one first! 🔥🔥🔥 | Daenerys Targaryen & Ser Barristan | Game of Thrones

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Kill that one first!

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35 Responses

  1. Carmen Moore dedi ki:

    I was like hell yeah, girl!!!

  2. Erdem Dymbrylov dedi ki:

    Хотел бы я сыграть этот эпизод

  3. Uknowmeazdaddy dedi ki:

    She took that smack like a champ

  4. Wolflaf dedi ki:

    Sir barristan was such a great character, they killed him too early

  5. Ser Barristan Selmy was one of the charavter thay i wish had got just a little bit more focus.

  6. Shanaka Imal dedi ki:

    … send that one to a gay gang bang sex club … he will never return for a decade 😂

  7. Insomniac dedi ki:

    Some random dbag did that to me at the airport

  8. S1MARSPLAY dedi ki:

    Yeah… he was dead from the second the slap landed… no way that pig was escaping. If Selmy didn't do it, Jorah, Daario, or Grey Worm would have stepped in while smiling

  9. zashi07 dedi ki:

    its ok sir baristan,dario cut the heads of those 2 fools😆

  10. You insult someone's children, they will kill you

  11. Pete dedi ki:

    You can hear how Messandei has a tight ass 😙❤

  12. Paul Campbell dedi ki:

    Fair but just Queen..MyLady

  13. Russ Marasheski dedi ki:

    And Ser Barriston could tell him it's coming and it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference

  14. Safe Space Bear dedi ki:

    You do not handle her girl in a familiar way if you want to keep your head. Missandei is way to precious

  15. Shelsea Vazquez dedi ki:

    If there was no 👎 sister 👧 and brother 👦 sex

  16. Jay S. dedi ki:

    Messandie's expression made me want to end him right then and there…

  17. Garrett Eales dedi ki:

    Dude fxxxed around and eventually found out

  18. Guy Sabol dedi ki:

    It took me 2 months of slightly watching GOT frm almost ending to beginning.,heck it's just as it hit me. That Daereny is an ALPHA Femalem and this is a no no noooooo here ergo it was later scripted that she is killed. BUT she is the axle of the whole series~!~! HOLD ON Rescript, get those 5 writers writing something that EVERYone would really enjoy tosee!! AND YOU DID MISS IT!

  19. A Christianson dedi ki:

    Back then that was a compliment

  20. S'up dedi ki:

    Without her dragons that is all they would of been. Pieces of meat for men to do with as they please

  21. April Freeman dedi ki:

    Kill that one first.

  22. Sadık Mohamed dedi ki:

    Which seadon and episode

  23. izy fish dedi ki:

    You should probably kill him last

  24. ItsaMeAaMikeo dedi ki:

    When the show was actually good…I just finished the series and oh my lord Jesus did they f**k it up during the last season..

  25. GERHard Deusser dedi ki:

    ….when it comes to battle, kill that one first,.. by then I'll have secured his DNA, I want my male offspring to be aggressive…..

  26. The relationship between Missandei and Dany is the best relationship in GOT and any relationship I have watched and heard of.

  27. Le*** Be*** Bo** dedi ki:

    Kadinim yaa❤❤❤

  28. Akemsss dedi ki:

    That guy is lucky Ser Barristan doesn't need to lift a finger.. Couldn't imagine to be carved like a cake..

  29. He was probably thinking why not right now? No time like the present 😒

  30. Dragon James dedi ki:

    Man, that guy was basically begging to get put on the hit list

  31. Mr Incredible dedi ki:

    Sir barristan is a mangina

  32. Mad Dog Tannan dedi ki:

    Pov: the fat friend when you try to flirt with your crush

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